Onrain (Online – The Novel) Chapter 3 (Part 3)

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Chapter 3 (Part 3): VS 【slit-mouthed woman】battle


【FROM: Asagi Taisuke】

【TO: Yashiro Mai】

Good luck!



…The content was only one sentence.

Right then, I opened the email and was flabbergasted. I was anticipating for a piece of advice but I got this instead.

I turned to Asagi-san and called out, “Please say it with your mouth if the content is only like this!”

Asagi-san heard my remark and was taken aback. Then, “So-so-so-so-sorry!” he randomly stuttered as he apologized to me.

Asagi-san was trembling rather significantly.

…or rather, why isn’t it me who is battling but you, the spectator who is panicking!? No, or even better, did he forget about his anxiety because he was concerned about other stuff? Well, I shall thank him here.  

I looked at the display screen again. Then, in order to not get noticed, I directed my gaze at Slit-mouthed Woman this time.

…Slit-mouthed Woman sat deep into her seat and was looking up at the screen.

She was extremely composed…

It was my intuition. She’s probably not going to attack.

Most of my nervousness was also allayed. I wonder if this is the sixth sense?

I felt that I have mastered something like that. I was scared to the extent that I was confident in my own predictions. Although I had no sound basis, I felt that the opponent is not going to attack. In that case, what should I do? In this kind of situation, there’s no use regardless of which I choose?

I checked the screen display’s command outline.



When I looked at the bottommost part properly, I saw a command that could charge the critical gauge.  

What’s this? Critical Gauge? Judging from the name, it looks strong. Furthermore, even when I’m on the attack side, I think there was also the same ‘Charge’ command.

Critical Gauge…

Within what I could see from the screen display, if I don’t charge for three times, it seemed like it wouldn’t activate.

Three times huh… it requires a considerable amount of time. That means that it should naturally be formidable and amazing. That’s right, what I predict should probably be reasonable. I really want to find out about how the Critical Gauge is like in greater details… I pondered a little.

Then, I called out to Asagi-san, “Umm, Taisuke-san. Cri…” When I spoke halfway, I suddenly realized. Wait a minute…? Although I was thinking of asking Asagi-san about the Critical Gauge…

Perhaps if my opponent heard it, I may become at a disadvantage later…  

…I paid very careful attention.

Well then, I wonder if I should probably try to stop speaking and inquire with Asagi-san via the communication email. When I was contemplating that, Asagi-san talked to me with a clouded expression. “That’s why, stop calling me Taisuke. I don’t like it. Regarding this name, I…”  

When he said that, I stared in puzzlement. “…Eh, why’s that?” Without thinking, I inadvertently asked.

After Asagi-san gave me a fleeting glance, he sank into silence as if he found it tough to come up with a reply. Then, he hung his head further.     

I wonder…I wonder what is it about? He is clearly behaving strangely…

Could this be a complex Asagi-san have? If that’s the case, I shouldn’t probe too deeply and all the more so when we’re in this kind of venue.

As I was about to apologize to Asagi-san and directed my gaze at him, thereupon…

“…Ku…” Did Asagi-san utter something?

“…Ku?” What does ‘ku’ mean? I found it strange as I pondered about it. I tilted my head as I asked him.   

As if he was answering my query, Asagi-san continued his sentence. “No… Just now, you said ‘ku’ right? What was that…”


We were noticed by Slit-mouthed woman. I was rather flustered.   

“…so, what is it?” Asagi-san questioned further.



*T/n: Mashed sweet potatoes with sweetened chestnuts

Being frantic about the misunderstanding, I accidentally said an ambiguous word…


Sure enough, Asagi-san made a strange expression with his eyebrows arched.

Ku… Geez, I don’t care about the outcome! I was already desperate.

I earnestly decided to gloss over it with Kurikinton.


“Hey, umm…”


“Wait, wait a minute…”



“Kurikintonm, Kurikinton, Kurikinton!!!!”


Asagi-san was astonished and finally said no more.   

My countenance was already bright red from embarrassment. If there’s a hole, I want to hide in it… I had that exact feeling right now.    

First of all, I had to resolve the misunderstanding. I was rather in a rush as I typed a communication mail to Asagi-san. The content was naturally the explication about the matter regarding Kurikinton just now. Then, I requested for the explanation on the Critical Gauge.

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