Japanese novels

Onrain (Online – The Novel) オンライン

Volume 1

Original author: Amagaeru Midori

Original Synopsis:

Volume 1: A horror online game that one should never ever participate in…

One day, a mysterious parcel arrived.
Inside, there was a new type of game model I have never seen before.
That was the start of my horror. 
A demonic game that is linked online.  

……With that, game activated.

Other information: 
Adapted to a manga - "Online: The Comic"

Synopsis from Baka-Updates Manga:
22-year-old Yashiro Mai was an average office worker until the day a video game console 
arrived in her mailbox and she was forced into playing a game known as “Nightmare.” 
If you refuse to participate, those dear to you will die; if you lose battles in-game, parts of
your body cease functioning as penalty.
The horror of Nightmare spreads through society in a flash. To combat it, Mai’s company 
creates a Nightmare Strategy Team, and she's one of the members.

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At the End of the Wish (Omoi no Hate ni) [Completed]


Author: 渡井 彩加


What lies at the end of the wish of the young girl who has been living while carrying hatred and pain is…

The young girl whose father was killed.

The one who appeared before the eyes of the young girl who had lived and was determined to exact revenge, though carrying hatred, pain and fury is…

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