Chinese Novels Recommendations and Reviews

It’s not complete yet but do check through the Recommendations and Reviews under the menu dropdown option for various Chinese novels! 🙂 The posts will be labelled “R&R” for short in future.

I have organised the novels with tags regarding the genres and I will be constantly updating on the Home Page when I come across new novels.

The synopsis translations are by me unless otherwise stated. 
Please note that the translation of the titles may differ and the number of chapters may also be different according to the sources.
As the page name suggests, I will try to give brief reviews and details about the stories I have read or heard or plan to read. As I may have read some of these quite a while ago, my thoughts will be based on what I recall. I will try to update this page as I read more or as I recall 😀

Feel free to comment and share your thoughts too! 🙂

The novels I post will mainly be under the below 4 categories:

  • Novels that I have read finished and still remember
  • Novels that I have read but did not complete
  • Novels that I have heard of (The so-called more popular ones)
  • Novels where I find the premise interesting (some may be on my to-read list)

The information such as the Adaptations and status of English translations may be subjected to change, so if there any new updates, please leave a comment to inform me. I am also aware that there are audiobooks out there but I personally don’t listen to them. If you know anything about the audiobooks for the novels, please comment too. Thanks.