Onrain (Online – The Novel) Chapter 3 (Part 4)

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Chapter 3 (Part 4): VS 【slit-mouthed woman】battle

“I see. So that’s the reason.” As he uttered that, he operated the game console and started typing some text.  

Somehow, it seemed like he was creating a reply to my communication email. It seems like a long text? It seems to be taking quite a long time.

First things first, for my next action, it is already decided. Therefore, I decided to wait for Asagi-san’s communication mail while continuing the battle.

I confirmed my command selection and looked up at the screen.


【Command Selection Results】

【Yashiro Mai】


【Slit-mouthed Woman】



――I see. We both chose the same command. At that moment, my mini avatar was wrapped with a blue aura. It seemed like for the both of us, the thing called ‘Critical Gauge’ had accumulated by a level.

Thereupon, Slit-mouthed Woman began to talk to me. “…Hee hee, that was unexpected. You knew well that I wasn’t going to attack right?”

I actually had confidence in that. As far as what I was seeing, this fellow was nervous….

No, it’s because I completely couldn’t feel any hesitation at all. Then, the deciding factor was that the opponent made a prompt decision with just musing over it for a short time. It was something decided by the opponent without much rumination. Taking this into consideration, at present, these two commands, ‘Charge’ and ‘Conversation’ emerged.

However, there was no reason at all to inform the enemy about this. Furthermore, in the current phase, I couldn’t think that giving needless information would result in an advantage.

Should I go with the flow and try to challenge the enemy at this point? As I thought about that, I glared at the opponent. “Well then, why is that so? …Isn’t it because you’re weak? See, aren’t the weak fellows those who keep talking? … Hee hee.”

Did I overdo it a little? Although I did think that way, I have already said it so I no longer could do anything about it.

Just as I thought, Slit-mouthed Woman glared at my pathetic appearance. “You’re conceited…! Die…! I’ll kill you. I’ll definitely kill you!”

As she made that face, it was clear that it wasn’t a joke.

…I see huh.

I looked at Slit-mouthed Woman’s sudden complete change really calmly. I somehow understood the enemy’s personality.

In my opinion, this fellow hated losing and was irascible. Her intelligence was also not particularly high. In addition, more than anything else, she was easily provoked. If I am to raise an example, she had the mental age of an elementary school student. I thought that this was probably valid. If I just understood this, I should be able to fight favorably to a significant extent.   

Watch, Slit-mouthed Woman…! I will definitely win.

Then… I was going to get out of this eerie place as soon as possible. This was my current wish. First of all, it would be my turn to attack next.  

I incidentally turned my eyes to Slit-mouthed Woman. She was still displaying an expression wreathed in anger.

I wonder if I should provoke her a little more? Just to make sure…Even though I didn’t really feel like it, this was also for the sake of winning.

At this point, I decided to provoke her further. “For the next turn, it’s surely also going to be within my expectations. I can predict what you’re thinking you know? I mean, it’s too easy to understand.”

When Slit-mouthed woman heard that, she raised her hand overhead in agitation.

“…Shut up! Shut up, shut up! Shut upーー!!” She fired the same phrase in succession with a staggering amount of force.

Slit-mouthed Woman did not look like she had noticed that she was already carried along with my pace.

It was like that for anything. ‘The party who loses his composure will have a high probability of losing’. This is probably a theory in battle.

There was certainly the waves of victory that wasn’t visible. Now, the one riding on those waves is surely me. In other words, victory is in the process of tending to my side.

Just as I was about to select a command, 《1 Communication Mail》was displayed on the game’s screen.

Without hesitation, I looked at Asagi-san. When our eyes met, he raised his hands a little. “Mai-san, good luck!” Then,

Then, he relaxed his mouth and smiled reservedly.

“Asagi-san, thank you!” I gave him my thanks and looked at the screen display once again.

However, this was a rather nice timing! I have nothing to say except ‘amazing’. I thought such things while I verified the content.

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