Onrain (Online – The Novel) Chapter 3 (Part 2)

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Chapter 3 (Part 2): VS 【slit-mouthed woman】battle


At this point, Asagi-san suddenly said profoundly, “…Eh? Why’s that?” He tried to ask as he was bothered about it. “…Yeah. Umm, well, if you had chosen a normal battle…I think you would definitely have died in one blow around this time.”

“One… one… blow?!”

Asagi-san nodded.

“…It’s because a normal battle is affected by your level. If you’re up against a Rank B enemy, if you’re not above Level 100, it would be hard to defeat it.”


I was immensely shocked. If I had chosen a normal battle at that time, right now, I would be… When I thought about that, my body shuddered.

As I was astonished, Asagi-san gave me an additional blow to my already unfortunate situation. “But… a brain battle has nothing to do with your level and you will be on equal footing with the enemy. This means that there is no guarantee that you’ll certainly mean and so it’s scarier than a normal battle.”  

When I heard that, I got a little scared. I gradually started to lose confidence in myself. At last, I managed to squeeze out a weak voice, “What should I do…? Actually, I didn’t even look at my level…”

Even if I say so myself, I’m pathetic.  

Asagi-san saw my expression and smiled kindly. “It’s alright. I’ll support you. For things that will get problematic if the enemy knows of it, would you like to use the communication email? …So you can feel free to ask if there’s something you don’t know.”

Thanks to Asagi-san, I regained my composure considerably.

It’s just a little… but I even feel that it seems like I can win. No… I’ll show you that I’ll win!

“Umm, thank you very much… I’ll try to do my best.” I thanked him.

Then, I looked at the game screen again.

The screen display was now paused at where I’m supposed to choose the conversation. There are ‘Threaten’ and ‘Glare’… Which should I choose? My hand stopped. Thereupon, I received a communication mail from Asagi-san that came at the right time.

…What could it be? I promptly pressed the button and ascertained the content.


【FROM: Asagi Taisuke】
【TO: Yashiro Mai】

That command is something that changes the fear value.
If you succeed, it increases.
If you fail, it decreases.

By the way, if the opponent’s fear value reaches the maximum (100), after the battle ends, you can make subjugate her. Conversely, when your fear level becomes 100, you won’t be able to anything for one turn so be careful.

By the way, your initial value is 45.
Your opponent’s value is 60.



I checked the mail and could roughly understand.

I see.

In other words, this command has no direct relation to the battle on my side. Even if I fail by any chance, it wouldn’t be a severe blow to me who is aiming to win.

In that case, there’s nothing to hesitate about.

I selected ‘Threaten’ and pressed the ‘Confirm’ button. The success rate is 50 percent. If it goes well, I could max out the opponent’s fear value in one shot.  

The next moment, my mini avatar started to move. Then, it confronted Slit-mouthed Woman’s character and carried out the ‘threaten’ reaction.

The result was…

Slit-mouthed Woman’s avatar was frightened.

…I did it!

It seemed like I somehow succeeded. Thereupon, Slit-mouthed Woman talked to me. “Hee hee hee… You have quite a lot of courage… I like that kind of girl. If it’s you, it’s okay even if I follow you…”

When I heard that, I exclaimed loudly, “Re-really?!”

A smile slightly overflowed.

However, that smile utterly crumbled with Slit-mouthed Woman’s next statement. “Hee hee… but it’s impossible. You can’t win… You’ll die here… I’ll kill you. Hee hee hee hee hee…”

Slit-mouthed woman widely opened her mouth to her limit and smiled uncannily.

As I thought, I wouldn’t get used to this smiling face no matter how many times I see it. It was repulsive. My body trembled. Seeing that appearance of mine, Asagi-san called out from behind. “Don’t be bewildered! Even if it’s you, you have sufficient probability of winning.”

I was taken aback. It’s surely like that. A brain battle has nothing to do with your level. That’s why there’s a probability that I can win.

――Such a close call, such a close call.

I nearly got carried away by my opponent’s pace… For the time being, it would be my turn to defend next.   

I verified with the screen.


【Command Outline/Defense Side】


【Nullifies High Attacks】


【Nullifies Low Attacks】


【Returns the attack to the opponent with a 50% probability】

※(Upon complete failure)

Damage to self

(Upon simultaneously striking each other)

Inflicts damage to each other

■Critical Defense

【Ward off a Critical Attack】


【Charges Critical Gauge】

Other than the commands ‘Jump’ and ‘Crouch’, there were other commands such as ‘Charge’, ‘Counter’ and ‘Critical Defense’. Well then, what should I do? As soon as I was thinking about the battle stratagem, a communication mail came from Asagi-san again.

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