R&R: The Flame’s Daughter (烈火如歌)

the flame’s daughter (烈火如歌)

Author: Ming Xiaoxi (明晓溪)

Genres: Historical, Wuxia, Romance, Drama

Number of Chapters: 2 volumes, 34 chapters in total + 1 side story + 1 epilogue

(From the synopsis on MyDramaList)
Lie Ru Ge is the daughter of the master of Lie Huo Manor which is the most powerful jiang hu sect. She is a cheerful beauty who’s trying to regain her eldest senior’s heart after he suddenly goes back on his promise to marry her. In an effort to learn how to attract her beloved again, she goes to the most popular brothel house where she meets Yin Xue, the brothel owner and “Number One Beauty”. 

Little does she know, Yin Xue has a mysterious past that involves her and will go to the ends of the earth to protect her.

Reading Status: Read Finished

You can think of this as a Wuxia story with a female protagonist. The story revolves around Ru Ge and three other men, namely Yin Xue, her Eldest Senior Brother, Zhan Feng and her Second Senior Brother, Yu Zi Han. Other than the romance aspect, there are also some power struggle as well as tackling opponents. You also get to gradually discover the backstories of the characters. 

Chinese Drama Adaptation (2018)

The Flame’s Daughter

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