Song in the Peach Blossoms Chapter 9 (Part 2)

Inner Residence arc ー Chapter 9 (Part 2): Furong Expressing her Feelings

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There was originally a bazaar today. The main streets were bustling with activity with the sale of merchandise, sideshows and those who brought their children strolling around the streets. As a result, the roads were so congested that not even a drop of water could trickle through.

At this moment, people with a short and small build were at a great advantage.

I unleashed the great art of ‘Whitefish Flitting Pass the Gaps’ that has been passed down by our Xie family ancestors. I ran like the wind as if my feet were hovering above the ground, squeezed into every gap I see in the crowd and slipped far away at once.

When the Zhao Family soldiers saw that they could not catch up to me, they were furious until they hollered, “Stop right there! Stop right there!”

What a joke! If one really stops when called to stop, there would have been no thieves in this world long ago!

I jauntily made my way out of the crowd and shouted at the Zhao Family soldiers far away at the other side, “The revolution has yet to be successful, our comrades still need to work ha*——”

*T/n: ‘The revolution has yet to be successful, our comrades still need to work hard’ was originally thought to have been from Sun Zhongshan, but there are also debates regarding whether if it had really been the original words from a record he wrote.

An unknown object suddenly knocked me to the ground from my side and I fell until I could see stars. It was incomparably painful. No more strength.

After that, I heard a dignified and righteous male voice say, “In this remarkable capital, governed by the Son of Heaven, having a little ruffian thief like you behaving atrociously is intolerable!”

Through my messy hair, strenuously gazed at the busybody who strode over gracefully. Although I was still dizzy, I could still clearly see that he stood tall, was dressed in luxurious clothing, had a handsome appearance and trying to put on airs.

I wrathfully climbed into a sitting position and shouted at him, “What did you say? Who stole?”

When the pale-faced* handsome guy looked at me, he was stupefied for a moment. “You’re a female?”

*T/n: It’s supposed to mean something like a person is still wet behind the ears or it may not have any extra meaning to it but simply stating that he has a fair complexion

With my head full of dishevelled hair, a malicious look, I was like Nemesis. “So what if I’m a female? Which eye of yours saw me stealing?”

At the same time, those few Zhao Family soldiers finally prevailed over all odds and passed through the sea of people to reach the port. They spoke as they gasped for breath, “Mister Song, please come along with us.”

I used my hands to change my face into a delicate and sweet one and posed like Sister Furong*, “These soldier elder brothers, what you are saying?”

*T/n: A direct translation of her name would be ‘Sister Lotus’. Some consider her as a pioneer of internet celebrities.

Those Zhao Family soldiers stared until their eyeballs almost popped out. “You’re not Song Zijing?”

I placed my hand at the waistband and acted like I was going to untie it. “Do you want me to prove it to you?”

“Ah, no need! No need!” As if the Zhao Family soldiers were like monks, they were immediately scared that they covered their eyes while they fled away in all directions and returned to the outskirt of the city to continue searching.

This method was indeed effective for all cases.

I abruptly turned around. The handsome pale-faced man was still dumbstruck. I pointed my not so slender and beautiful finger at his nose. “You! Have to apologise to me!”

A few people rushed out from the building at the side. The one at the lead heard what I said and bellowed. “You must not be disrespectful to Second Imperial Prince!”

Second Imperial Prince?

I hastily withdrew my hand.

Those loyal dogs quickly hurried over and asked, “What’s the matter?”

I smiled. “It’s a misunderstanding. It’s all a misunderstanding.”

When the pale-faced Second Imperial Prince came around, he also said, “It’s a case of misunderstanding.”

Everyone let out a sigh of relief. My eyes suddenly sparkled and called out loudly to a certain person among those loyal dogs, “Fox Elder Brother*!”

*T/n: Does not mean a biological elder brother

Han Wangsun originally had almost left my line of sight but now that he was called out by me in front of everyone, he could only brace himself as he lifted his head and smiled dismally. “So it’s Fourth Younger Sister.”

The Little White* Prince said, “You two know each other?”

*T/n: There are a few meanings for ‘Xiao Bai’. It can to being very inexperienced as aforementioned or having a low EQ or a pretty boy but it may sound derogatory

Han Wangsun said miserably, “Replying to Your Highness, this young lady is the youngest daughter of Marquis Wen Bo*, Grand Tutor Xie.”

*T/n: Wen Bo is something like erudite and having profound knowledge

As soon as Little White Prince heard it, rays of light radiated from his eyes. “You’re Young Lady Xie Zhaoke’s younger sister?”

The way he said my Third Elder Sister’s name was just like the way my Third Elder Sister said Song Zijing’s name, soft and gentle and full of affection. One sentence was really speaks more volume than thousands and thousands of words.

Realization dawn upon me and I smiled as I said, “I’m ashamed. This little girl is not worth even a hundred thousandth of Elder Sister.”

“Is…. Not true.” This Little White Prince should had wanted to say, “Is true”, but it changed to an antonym when the words reached his mouth. “Young Lady is innocent and vivacious, honest and simple, so you mustn’t undervalue yourself.”

Honest and simple? Would an honest and simple girl remove her waistband in public?

I laughed sarcastically.

Han Wangsun came over to pull me to one side and asked, “Why are you here? And even ended up with your face covered in dust and dirt? Does your elder brother know? Come, I’ll send you back home.”

I smiled. “Fox Elder Brother treats me so well. How should I thank you?”

“No! No need!” Han Wangsun seemed to have even a desire to die. It couldn’t be that he already knew about the incident in which he ate my ‘saliva chicken’?

Just when we were about to leave, the Little White Prince shouted at me to stop, “Can Fourth Young Lady help to This Little Prince send my regards to your elder sister?”

I obsequiously replied, “Of course, of course! My Third Elder Sister is doing extremely well too. Your Highness is a man of striking appearance, how great would it be if you’re my Elder Brother-in-Law.”

The Little White Prince was overjoyed upon hearing it. He repeatedly said that This Fourth Young Sister was very obedient and smart and that I would surely marry an ideal husband in the future and so on. He even forcefully gave me white jade pendant which seemed to be highly valuable, as a gift for our first meeting.

I expressed a thousand thanks as I took my leave. My heart thought, ‘an ideal husband’? Maybe I’ll even become your father’s concubine.

Han Wangsun brought me back to the Xie Residence.

On the way, I asked him, “Little Prince, that Young Miss Zhao, do you know her?”

Han Wangsun said, “The Grand Uncle Zhao’s beloved daughter? I don’t know her. Did you think that the Miss of other families showing your face in the public all the time like you?”

I was eager to trick information out of him so I didn’t fuss about him offending my holy face. “Then you should have at least heard about her right.”

Fox Man laughed. This person was considerably good-looking too. When he laughed, his countenance was like the sunrise in spring. It’s just that he gave a feeling that he wasn’t kind and sentiments.

“This year, Zhao Family’s Miss is fifteen years old. She’s the third child and was conferred as County Owner* Hui Lin. Her given name is Furong.”

*T/n: It can differ across dynasties but Xian Zhu is often a title for females in the royal family. It should be an Official Second Rank.

“What?” I asked.

“Furong.” Han Wang Sun said.

“The Furong in the desire to cut the lotus* to diminish the color**?”

*T/n:  Lotus is Furong

**T/n: It’s an original poem once again so please forgive the poor translation.

Han Wangsun said, “So you actually can recite poems.”

I secretly cursed, ‘Xie Zhaoying, you this vile person, betraying your biological younger sister while you were too high when drinking.’

“Is this Elder Sister Furong – or maybe Younger Sister, incomparably hideous just like in the legend?”

Han Wangsun said, “This, I really don’t know. However, I have met her younger brother, Zhao Zhuxiu(Zhào Zhú Xiū) before. He looked handsome and very refined. I guess Third Young Lady Zhao shouldn’t be too ugly.”

“But a young lady is chasing a man all over the city like this, doesn’t her father manage a bit?”

“The four branches in this generation of the Zhao family altogether 14 children with her as the only daughter. The whole family can’t even wait to to treat her like a treasure. What’s the matter? You’ve taken a fancy to Song Zijing too?”

I sneered, then suddenly flashed a seductive look at him. “So hateful, taking a fancy to you is more like it.”

Han Wangsun shuddered as he was frightened quite a bit.

He didn’t send me until the main entrance but instead turned all the way until we reached a side alley.

I made a joke with him, “Bad uncle, where are you taking me?”

Han Wangsun’s face twitched. “I really pity your Second Elder Brother.”

He pointed at a familiar enclosing wall and said, “Climb over yourself. It’s your courtyard inside.”

I smiled. “Fox Elder Brother, the verdant mountains and clear water*, there’ll be a time when we meet again.”

*T/n: Portrays a beautiful landscape

After climbing over the wall, I heard Han Wangsun feebly say, “It’s best if there is no such time….”

Translated and Edited by: HaruOngy and LalaKurouds

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