Bringing Calamity to the Nation: Prologue


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Thinking back on those days, it was a glorious period of prosperity.

There were numerous accomplished youths,

Peerless talents in their generation.


They were actually only for the sake of

Helping to realize a sovereign descending upon this world,

Helping to realize this sole meritorious deed,

Helping to realize my legend of the rising phoenix.

ーJiang Chenyu

Translator corner:
Start of a new novel! 🙂 The names of the arcs will be slowly posted on the Content Page.

This book is really rather well-received in the Chinese community, so hope you all will enjoy too! ^_^

I’ll have to admit that the language in this novel is one of the most difficult out of all the Chinese novels I have read T^T but I have decided to translate its memorable characters and the plot.

If you are wondering how this novel would turn out, I would recommend reading at least a few chapters first, since the first few chapters are simply setting the stage and all the big events are mainly going to happen slightly later on. If you’re interested(*coughs*), you can try reading my short review (*coughs*) if it doesn’t spoil the story too much.

There are some rumors that this may be adapted to a drama but I’m not sure how true it is or when that will happen. ><

Sorry for the long message, but enjoy!

[Table of Contents] | [Next]

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