R&R: Loving Him in a World during Turbulent Times/Watch Blue become Vermilion (乱世倾君心/看碧成朱)

Author: Ruo Hua Ran Ran (若华燃燃)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Transmigration, Imperial Harem

Number of Chapters: 209 chapters + side stories

A career elite in modern times transmigrated a thousand years back due to death from overwork, reincarnating to become the Fifth Miss of the Assistant Minister, who was not doted by her father and mother, was detested by everyone and also had an ambiguous background. 

The Second Young Master of Marquis Yan Ping, being labelled with the good reputation of a “love-struck fool” and also suspected with “peeping” was grounded within the residence; Moreover, someone harboring ulterior motives lured a maid with gains to  kill secretly with poison. She countered every move, staged a “psychological attack” and not only did she escape, she was also accepted as a disciple of the “Royal Family” NO.1 Sword Master.

At Yu Xu Monastery, Ruan Bi unwittingly bumped into Prince Jin and almost died by the sword. After safely emerging from danger, she was again kidnapped by an unknown person and was rescued by Gu Xiaobai due to a strange combination of circumstances. The love entanglement of the three people unfolded from here……   

The court had various factions of power that were complicated and difficult to deal with, while the mutual schemes and deception in the imperial harem were indiscernible. The internal problems have yet to be settled before the external troubles abruptly came and the flames of war raged on for days in the Central Plains. In a world during turbulent times, former factions of power collapsed in succession. She did not want to be drawn into the turbulent times, but compelled due to no other choice, she had to depend on herself to seek a  place in the world for herself……

Reading Status: Looks interesting, I think I may want to read

Based on some reviews, this novel has both the inner residence fight and imperial palace fight with some elements of war and stuff in it. People also did not seem to complain about the ending too. I plan to read this soon. 

Adaptations: Not that I know of

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