R&R: The Third Way of Love (第三种爱情)

The Third Way of Love (第三种爱情)

Author: Zi You Xing Zou (自由行走)

Genres: Modern, Romance, Drama, SE

Number of Chapters: 20 chapters + 1 side story

Two individuals fall in love, except Zou Yu didn’t know the entire truth about the man she fell in love with. Unable to stay apart, they attempt to love again, encountering both aspects to falling in love.
Trusting in the present they raise the question of whether it is possible to fall in love and stay together again.


Reading Status: Heard of it

I think this was supposed to be a rather popular novel although I don’t think I am personally that into all these kinds of love entanglement. Maybe next time, but not now. Anyway, this novel is supposed to portray a less idealistic form of love we often see in other novels. A bit of a spoiler in the tag, but SE basically means a “sad ending”, so it’s not a tragedy in the sense that someone dies, but the ending isn’t a happily ever after either.

2015 film (the female lead is Chinese while the male lead is Korean) 

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