R&R: Reborn as a Courtesan: The Nation’s Ode (Chong Sheng Hua Kui Zhi Jiang Shan Fu Ge) 重生花魁之江山赋歌

Reborn as a Courtesan: The Nation’s Ode (Chong Sheng Hua Kui Zhi Jiang Shan Fu Ge) 重生花魁之江山赋歌

Author: Luo Xiao

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Rebirth

Number of Chapters: 553 chapters

She was a prostitute who was reborn at Qinhuai River. She continued living while bearing humiliation just to take revenge; He was an imperial prince who was wandering around among the commoners. He was also Flowing Clouds Pavilion’s Pavilion Master, brimming of elegance and talent. Two people who originally had nothing to do with each other had their destinies entangled together after a chance encounter.

When they first met, she was only a nobody leaning against the parapet on the Flower Boat. He called out to her and exhorted her. “This is not a place suitable for you. Your heart don’t belong here.” However, she unexpectedly rejected him. “You will take your thoroughfare while I’ll cross my single-log bridge. We shall go on our own separate ways.”

Who knew that it was precisely this lofty and unyielding character that made him view her favorably in a new light. Even more so, it was what made him decide to break into her boudoir when he was poisoned…

Reading Status: Finished Reading

It was really a fresh breath of air from all the inner residence and the imperial harem. The schemes and tactics were not inferior at all and some of them were even more interesting considering that the setting is quite distinctly different. Things are much harder for the female MC since she is not the daughter of any official or have any backing. She was in a trade everyone despised. She simply started out as a girl sold into the brothel. With many obstacles in her path, she eventually reaches the highest rank of courtesans and she meets various important figures. She also managed to take revenge on the enemies from her past life. Due to the incidents in her past lifetime, she takes quite a lot of time to accept the male lead although she won’t refuse to help him. I actually wished there’s a sequel since the novel ends off with the two leads leaving Qinhuai River. I was hoping that there could be more adventures now that they will be entering politics. Other than that, it was quite consistent throughout the whole novel and the schemes and character relationships kept me hooked!

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