R&R: A Smile, A Thousand Gold (Yi Xiao Qian Jin)一笑千金

A Smile, A Thousand Gold (Yi Xiao Qian Jin) 一笑千金

Author: Jing Yi

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Transmigration

Number of Chapters: 39 chapters + prologue + epilogue


She was a talented student majoring in Psychology in modern times. She transmigrated into an era of unrest. Devising strategies and understanding people’s hearts are the abilities she is the most proficient in. Yet, is she actually an extravagant merchant, a wily female schemer, a heroine who commands 100 000 troops or is she simply a woman?

Reading other people’s hearts is easy. Reading one’s own true heart is the most difficult.

She said, “I will forever not be anyone’s woman. I belong to myself.” Is this what she really thinks from the bottom of her heart?

Zongzheng Chengyuan said, “A beauty brings calamity to the nation. The world belongs to me. I only want the world.” Is his heart really as callous as his stern outer appearance?

Shang Suluan said, “I like you. You’re the most important woman in my life.” How much truth does his words hold for someone as evilly charming as him?

Regardless of whether it is the nation or wealth, both can be obtained effortlessly while the human heart is the most challenging to control.

Reading Status: Finished reading

This was slightly different from most novels which revolve around the inner residence or imperial harem. There are many plots and strategies in the novel as the female protagonist travels from country to country. It provides a different perspective on the usual schemes we might find common in novels. The female protagonist and male leads are all smart in their own ways. There are times where they outsmart each other. Some of the events may not be the most joyous but the ending was generally a happy one. There are not as many fluffy moments but there are still scenes and events that help to develop the relationship. Overall, I would say that it was a rather enjoyable read.

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