The Flame’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 3 (Part 1)

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Volume 1 Chapter 3 (Part 1)

Other than the servant girl, Xiang Er, who was a ‘sparrow that turned into a phoenix’ and multiplied her worth overnight, the one who people were most envious of was Feng Xixi.

It could also be considered that Feng Xixi received a blessing in disguise. She did not manage to capture Dao Wuxia’s heart but Lie Huo Manor’s Yu Zihan took a fancy to her. Ever since that night, Gentle Man Yu often came to her Feng Pavilion. Her ranking on Pin Hua Building’s charts soared along with it and in the blink of an eye, she attained the second position. Come to think of it, only Lie Huo Manor could make Tianxia Wudao City hold back their brilliance such that she could become Pin Hua Building’s current most popular young lady.  

(A dear reader said, “That’s not right, this Feng Xixi is only ranked number two? How is she the current most popular young lady?!”
You don’t know that no matter how conceited Feng Xixi is, she doesn’t dare to compare with the number one Xue(Xuě). It’s just that Xue hardly stays in Pin Hua Building.)

Feng Pavilion.

Yu ZIhan sat beside the window and silently tasted his tea.

Feng Xixi was also considered a woman who had experienced various occasions but because she sat face to face with Yu Zihan, she was actually at a loss of what to do.

The scent of tea was faint and wafted.  

Yu Zihan’s handsome visage was gentle and modest. His thin lips lightly touched the exquisite blue porcelainware while his eyes were beautiful and distant as if he was waiting for the most important person in his life.  

Feng Xixi nervously fiddled with her hands and did not know what she should say.

She had seen customers who were more handsome than him, seen customers who were more extravagant than him, seen customers who were more mighty than him and seen customers who were more ferocious than him but she had never been nervous. Man, what they want are just those things, you just have to give them.

However, this Gentleman Yu was different.

His demeanor showed a gentle brilliance. Although he was sitting in a wheelchair, he was like an incomparably beautiful warm jade* in the world; The corners of his lips were smiling faintly but the feeling he gave her was a naturally mighty one without being angry. When she was beside him, Feng Xixi suddenly felt that she was very sordid and that taking even one more glance at him and talking to him seemed to be a blasphemy.

*T/n: A type of jade

Yu Zihan did not seem to notice how she was at a loss and was silent. He only used his finger to silently caressed the blue porcelainware and looked outside the window with a pensive appearance.  

Black Huang behind him stood silently with his hands hanging by his sides.

At this moment, the sound of someone anxiously trotting outside could be heard. It dashed in like a ball of flames and the curtain was suddenly lifted with a ‘swoosh’!

Ruge who was dressed in bright red clothes and with her cheeks heating up was carrying a paper bag in her hands. She was slightly panting as she elatedly shouted, “Junshan Yinzhen* successfully bought!”

*T/n: A Yellow tea from Junshan Island. It is one of the ten Chinese Famous Teas.

Here is a short Wikipedia page:

Feng Xixi turned her head around to look at her. “You actually came back fast.”

Ruge smiled. “Hehe, I ran there and ran back.” She walked to Yu Zihan’s side and opened the bag of tea. The refreshing fragrance of Junshan Yinzhen immediately suffused the whole room. She repeatedly said, “Quickly come look. The boss from the teahouse said that this is top quality Junshan Yinzhen and that it’s extremely delicious. Is it true?”

Yu Zihan gazed at her fixedly as his eyebrows were slightly furrowed. He took out a blue handkerchief from his chest pocket and attentively helped her wipe off the fine beads of sweat on her forehead.

Ruge stared blankly for a moment before she smilingly took the handkerchief and randomly wiped her face. “I only ran a little too quickly.”

Yu Zihan shook his head. He poured out a cup of tea from the blue and white teapot and placed it in her hand.  

As soon as Ruge raised her head, she gulped it all down. “Alright, don’t bother about me anymore. Do you want to taste the new tea?”

Yu Zihan smiled as he shook his head again. He followed her wishes and looked at the tea leaves. The head of the sprout of Junshan Yinzhen was stout and strong, firm and straight. The body of the sprout was golden yellow and it was all clad in silver hair. It was indeed a top-notch good.

At this side, Ruge curiously asked Feng Xixi, “Miss, when I came back, I saw that there was a large crowd of people swarming outside the main entrance. I almost couldn’t come back. What are they doing?”
Feng Xixi looked at her with complex feelings in her heart. She increasingly felt that this lass was not an ordinary person. She only needed to see that Gentleman Yu’s attitude towards her was intimate and protective to tell that she definitely had some background. She felt sour in her chest but she also understood that many things could not be forced. If Ge Er was really from some eminent background, how could she provoke her? Even if Ge Er was really a normal girl, with Gentleman Yu treating her affectionately, she also could not be furious or berate her. After all, Feng Huang’s previous example was there warning her.    

Feng Xixi contemplated for a moment. “If we calculate the dates, it should be the time when Xue returns to the Building.”


Ruge had some impressions. Xue was the number one young lady in Pin Hua Building but she had never seen her before.

“Every time Xue returns, he would cause a sensation in Luo Yang. From all parts of the country, no matter how far the customers were, they also want to take a look at this world’s number one beauty.”

“World’s number one beauty——” Ruge exclaimed, “I wonder how beautiful she is.”

“Unsurpassed beauty of the generation.”

Feng Xixi sighed. “How could I have thought that the world would have that kind of beauty.”

Unsurpassed beauty of the generation?!

Ruge was moved. “That’s why even though she doesn’t open up for business in Pin Hua Building throughout the year, she still steadily sits in that number one seat? Heavens, I must definitely see how beautiful the world’s number one beauty is!”  

Feng Xixi smiled. “Those people outside have the same thoughts as you and want to have a look at Xue. However, Xue only comes to Pin Hua Building for one night. Pin Hua Building is only this big so naturally, not all can come in. Therefore, the people who want to enter that night need to obtain the entry plate in advance.”

“Buy using money?”

“Every entry plate is worth 500 grams of gold.”


“Even so, Pin Hua Building’s entry plate is currently the good that is in the greatest demand. If you miss this time, you can only wait until next year.”

Ruge listened until she was in a daze. She stood beside Yu Zihan and stared blankly for a very long time.

The moonlight was bright and clear.

The apricot trees blossomed with pinkish-white flowers. Under the moonlight, it was as if they were draped with a layer of sparkling splendor.  

A gentle breeze blew.

The apricot flower petals drifted down. They landed on the blue clothes of Yu Zihan who was sitting in the wheelchair and landed on Ruge’s eyelashes while her mind was wandering.

Ruge blinked her eyes and the flower petal unhurriedly slipped down.

“Yesterday, a fight occurred outside Pin Hua Building. A Kun Lun Sect’s expert and a Tie Jian Sect’s expert fought very brutally to grapple for the last entry plate.”

She smiled as she asked Yu Zihan, “Do you know who won?”

Yu Zihan shook his head.

“It was a young man from Pi Li Sect. The people from Kun Lun Sect and Tie Men Sect fought until both sides suffered great losses which unexpectedly benefited him.”

Ruge smiled again. “I even heard that Xue would be the last to appear on stage. Pin Hua Building announced to the world that Xue will choose a person among the customers five days later to become her only master in this life and she will never receive customers ever again. Ah, what kind of person would Xue exactly choose to be her master? I’m so terribly curious!”

She suddenly sized up Yu Zihan with interest. “Eh, our Gentleman Yu is refined and handsome and is an outstanding talent. I wonder if Young Lady Xue would take a fancy to you?” At this moment, Black Huang was sent away by Feng Xixi so she was much more casual when talking to Yu Zihan.

Yu Zihan did not smile.

He gazed at Ruge who looked cheerful. He reached out his hand and gently tidied the messy hair at her forehead then asked, “When are you going back?”

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