The Flame’s Daughter Volume 1 Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Volume 1 Chapter 2 (Part 1)

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The new moon resembled an eyebrow.

The array of stars studded the sky.

In the back garden of Pin Hua Building, the pavilion with scenic views of hills and water seemed to be unusually tranquil, as if it was a completely different world from the bustle and excitement in the main hall.  

Under the moonlight.

Ruge raised her voice to shout at the white and pure figure in front of her. “Mister Youqin, please wait a moment.”

That figure with his back facing her slowed down slightly but did not stop his footsteps.

Ruge was only afraid that he would leave. Thus, she promptly lifted her high skirts and sprinted all the way to catch up. She shouted while she ran, “Mister Youqin, wait for me, I have something I would like to ask you for help!”

Youqin Hong(Yŏuqín Hóng)’s eyebrows creased slightly as he felt a ball of flame dashing towards his direction, gasping for breath as it barred his way in front of him. Its clear and limpid large eyes kept blinking as it stared at him.

It turned out that it was a young lady dressed in red clothes.

A beautifully carved small face, an clever and lovely face, and a crisp voice which called, “Nice to meet you, Mister Youqin Hong.”

Ruge smiled winsomely while looking at Youqin Hong.

He was lean and he seemed to knit his brows a lot out of habit such that there was already a faint crease mark. His gaze was distant and seemed as if he did not like others disturbing. He stood there and was like spring water which had been forgotten by the people of the world for ten thousand years. No ripples, no traces, no love and no hate.

“Mister Youqin, I’m a servant from Pin Hua Building. I’m called Ge Er.”

“I’m not acquainted.”

“Heh heh, aren’t you acquainted now?” She smiled purely and innocently.

“Go away.”

Ruge’s smile crumbled. She said dejectedly, “Mister, don’t you know that speaking to strangers needs a lot of courage? You being so cold like this will deal an extreme blow to my confidence in interacting with people in the future.”

“It has nothing to do with me.” For the young ladies and servant girls of Pin Hua Building, weren’t those they receive everyday ‘strangers’? What kind of joke was this little servant girl talking about?

“I’m new here.” Ruge squeezed out a ‘pitifully miserable’ expression, hoping that she could win over his sympathy. However, it seemed like it did not have much use.

In that case, she decided to get right straight to the point——

“Our Miss invites you to play a piece in accompaniment for her.”

That’s right, this was Feng Xixi’s ‘perfect’ plan.

Feng Xixi was skilled in dance and once had a scholar who improvised a poem, complimenting that her dancing posture was beautiful like ‘a cool breeze supporting a weak willow, a colorful butterfly teasing the hibiscus’. At this kind of occasion tonight, she naturally had to dance once with a piece to attract the attention of all the customers. It was just that she was not the only one in Pin Hua Building with outstanding dancing skills. Young Lady Bo He, Young Lady Zi Qingting and Young Lady Xiang Tao were also extremely outstanding. If she wanted to seize the first price, then she definitely had to display a surprising move!  

That was to let Youqin Hong play a piece in accompaniment for her!

All the people in the world knew that Youqin Hong was proud and aloof, never willing to duet with others. If they could convince him and ask for his help, then Feng Xixi could make use of this reputation to become the most attention-grabbing spotlight among all those present.

However, convincing Youqin Hong was an extremely challenging matter.

Feng Xixi could also only gamble that Ruge would be able to succeed. (Speaking of it, it was strange that she had a lot of confidence in Ruge.)

Ruge and Youqin Hong stood in the back garden.

Suddenly, a sound of traditional stringed and woodwind instruments could be heard from the main hall. There was a woman singing in a low voice beautifully. The melody was touching and stirred up emotions in people’s hearts.

She knew that right now, the contest of talents and skills as well as displaying one’s appearance between all the young ladies in Pin Hua Building had already begun. Feng Xixi must be waiting for her good news. Therefore, she definitely had to succeed!

She lowered her voice to implore, “I beg of you, Mister Youqin. Please help our Miss play a piece. It doesn’t have to be very long and can end very quickly!”

“Dream on.” He bypassed her and desired to leave.

Ruge immediately grabbed his arm and said anxiously, “Please promise me!”

The palm of her hand was very warm. It seeped through his clothes and burned the elbow of his right arm.

Youqin Hong was slightly stunned.

After that, he shook her off and fumed, “Impudent!”  

“Is it okay, please just promise me.” Ruge stuck out her tongue and placed both of her hands behind her back as she was indomitable in continuing her job.

Youqin Hong’s heart felt restless and upset.

She had clearly already released her hand but why did he still feel that his elbow was burning as it was a sear left behind by her.

“As long as you promise me, I can grant a wish of yours.”

The moonlight gently sprinkled down. Ruge smiled like a clever celestial fairy as if she was seriously waiting for him to make a wish.

“I don’t have any wish.”

“Impossible. Everyone will have a wish. You will also definitely have one.”

Youqin Hong sneered.

“Even if I have, you also won’t be able to make it come true.”

Ruge gave a small adorable smile.

“That may not be for certain. You mustn’t ever belittle any single person in this world. Everyone’s capabilities may be boundless.”

“Is it a deal?”


As soon as Ruge only took one step into Pin Hua Building, her eyes almost popped out.

Heavens, what was Young Lady Bai He doing?!

Bai He had an amiable countenance, her almond eyes slightly closed and her cinnabar lips slightly opened. Her tender yellow gauze dress was lazily half taken off and drifting across the wooden floor. Her shoulders were exposed and the lapel of her clothes was wide open, with her brilliant yellow inner chest lingerie clearly seen. Her tender white cleavage was titillating that it made people shiver.    

This, could this be the ‘striptease’ that Feng Xixi had told her before but she still had no fate to see?!

Ruge widened her eyes and watched until her breathing almost stopped.

Bai He fluttered about in her dance alluringly, her slender waist swaying like a quick fish in the water. One hand lightly took off her hardly remaining clothes while the other hand lightly caressed her silky milk-like chest. Accompanying the musicians’ tune, she moved towards the direction of the table belonging of three, including Dao Wuxia!

Ruge returned to standing behind Feng Xixi and lowered her voice to say, “It has been done.”

Feng Xixi nodded and said softly, “Watch the show first.”

Bai He danced gracefully in a spinning dance like gorgeous flowers in the highest of heavens. Suddenly, she was like a butterfly which had snapped its wings and fell onto Dao Wuxia as if she had lost her soul.

Gasps of surprise sounded in the whole of Pin Hua Building.

Almost all the customers were staring at Dao Wuxia with an envious look and were strongly wishing that they could change themselves to him so that they could enjoy such luck with women.


Dao Wuxia’s face became stern and his brows furrowed tightly. ‘Thud’, it suddenly sounded. He stiffly shook off Bai He until she fell to the ground!


A lot of customers were astonished until they stood up. ‘This can’t be right, trampling on a beauty.’


Feng Xixi sneered almost inaudibly.

Ruge understood what she meant. On such a public occasion before an enormous crowd of people, Tian Xia Wu Dao City spoke of dignity and propriety so Bai He trying to use an almost licentious striptease to seduce Dao Wuxia was impossible to be successful.   

Maybe, this was also Bai He taking a gamble? Based on Bai He’s appearance, she was at most average and on the higher end. Her ranking had always hovered around the twentieth place. If she wanted to make become well-known, she could only take a gamble. Unfortunately, Bai He had failed. Hence, she had become a moron.

Yet, Bai He was still smiling enchantingly and pounced onto Dao Wuxia again like a quick snake. Her fingertips which resembled white onions caressed his thighs lovingly, slowly, gently swimming upwards.

Her cinnabar lips murmured, “Gentleman Dao……”  

Since she had already taken a gamble, then she must thoroughly gamble!

At the other side.

Ruge gazed at Bai He who was still striving hard to fight. Her heart suddenly felt mournful.

She thought of a young man at a distant location.

That young man had dark blue curly hair, dark blue eyes and a blue gem on his right ear. She suddenly really wanted to know if he had once missed her in this period of days that she had left.

Unconsciously, she went to look at that man dressed in green.

That man in green was gazing at her intently.

He seemed to be constantly gazing at her intently, with a faint worry at the bottom of his eyes.

This time, Dao Wuxia did not move.

The one who moved was Dao Liexiang!

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