R&R: Who Owns the Golden House (Shei Zhu Jinwu) 谁主金屋

Who Owns the Golden House (Shei Zhu Jinwu) 谁主金屋

Author: Gu Bo (孤钵)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Transmigration

Number of Chapters: 212 chapters + prologue + epilogue

Gu Yu is a new member of China’s branch of The Anti Transmigration Union. The Anti Transmigration Union is an alliance that has been established by the United Nations to tackle the issue of more and more transmigrators transmigrating back to ancient times. Regardless of whether it was out of ill intentions or unintentional, these transmigrators have altered history which has already been fixed, culminating in deviation from history. When the deviation from history is too significant, the real world will develop in another direction. In that case, the modern society which has evolved based on history will vanish from the face of the earth.

In order to prevent history from going astray and to preserve the modern society mankind rely on for existence, The Anti Transmigration Union’s members can only travel through time, battle in various dynasties and ferret out all those transmigrators one by one.

Right now, The Anti Transmigration Union has monitored that a serious deviation has appeared in the history of the early days of the Han Dynasty. Hence, they dispatched three members, including Gu Yu, to the beginning of the Han Dynasty to understand the situation and then amend history, capturing the transmigrator who is distorting history with ill intentions, back to modern times.

*T/n: ‘Jinwu’ in the title is playing a pun on the phrase ‘Ah Jiao Jin Wu’. It originally referred to Emperor Wu of Han, Liu Che, who wanted to use a ‘golden house’ to keep Ah Jiao as his mistress.

Reading Status: Heard of the book

I have read two other books from the same author and they weren’t too bad, so I guess that this book should be rather interesting as well. It refers to actual historical figures so you may kind of know what’s going to happen if you are familiar with this period of history.

Adaptations: Not that I know of


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