R&R: Da Song’s Female Assassin (大宋女刺客/伪宋杀手日志)

Da Song’s Female Assassin (大宋女刺客)

Author: Xiu Tang (袖唐)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Transmigration

Chapters: 417

This novel narrates the story of a legendary ardent woman, An Jiu, which carries elements of suspense and solving cases.

After a modern times elite assassin dies, she transmigrated to the Song Dynasty and became the intrepid female assassin, An Jiu. Once when she got injured during a mission, she met the kind and fragile young girl, Mei Jiu. Mei Jiu was found by her mother who got separated from her and also brought An Jiu along.

After entering the Mei Residence’s study hall, An Jiu instead realized that there were many dubious points which forced her to conceal her real strength. Not long after, she discovered the Mei clan’s secret —— Helping the royal family train covert guards (they were in fact one of Da Song’s classified aristocratic families of assassins). At the same time, from not understanding each other, Mei Jiu and her gradually became very close friends. She also secretly develops feelings for the teacher who taught her martial arts. Just when everything was going well, the Mei Residence was suddenly exterminated. Mei Jiu was killed and her teacher also became more strange.

In order to seek revenge for her friend, An Jiu investigated painstakingly and vow to fish out the culprit but she also sinks deeper into the whirlpool of schemes as well as love and hatred step by step……

Reading Status: Heard of this

This is one of the three novels this author is more well known for so I guess I may check this out in the future.

Adaptations: Not that I know of

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