R&R: Vowing to Never be a Consort (誓不为妃)

Vowing to Never be a Consort (誓不为妃)

Author: Yun Wai Tian Du

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Transmigration

Number of Chapters: 321 chapters + prologue +2 side stories

I, Jia Huiru, is a soul who has transmigrated here from modern times. Once I came to this world, I immediately made a vow to “first, never be a concubine, second, never be a consort”.  My goal was to earn money and enjoy a comfortable life. My hobbies are goofing off and reading books. 

But my good friend Situ Mingzhu was summoned to enter the palace so I had to be an Official Fifth Rank Court Lady and stay by her side to protect her. Whereas DaQi’s Prince Xuan and Prince Rui implicated me into the fight between the two of them……I wanted to detach myself from it but only sank deeper and deeper. A series of incidents made me understand that escaping was not a solution. Only counterplotting and facing the enemies directly can I then attain my own place in the world!

Reading Status: Read Finished

I guess it means something since I finished reading the novel. I can’t exactly remember what happened except for bits and pieces here and there but I believe the male leads took quite some time to chase after the female lead. I believe the female lead is quite powerful albeit a little lazy.

Adaptations: Not that I know of

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