R&R: Charm of the General (将军媚)

Charm of the General (将军媚)

Author: Yun Wai Tian Du (云外天都)

Genres: Historical, Romance, Drama, Gender-Bender

Number of Chapters: 208

At that time, she was a young general fired with enthusiasm and was able to turn stewed lotus seeds with crystal sugar into a powerful weapon to subdue the enemy; He was a prince full of arrogance, unsatisfied at her disregard, yet had already secretly fallen in love in her when he still did not know her real gender. This moment, she is the concubine sent by the crown prince to his residence, had a sweet and charming face, slender figure and she faces his debauchery with a cold shoulder, but unexpectedly discovered his hidden real feelings. Circling between him and the crown prince, she took extreme caution and advanced gradually at every step. The intrigues against each other in the dispute for the imperial power were the only tools she could make use of to take revenge for her relatives who died unjustly and tragically. Nevertheless, when she thought to herself that her revenge had succeeded, she instead discovered there were layers of fog behind the truth. When the sonorous battle armor crumbles to dust in the conspiracies, will that beautiful dream of hers to have two to three kids surrounding in front of her still have a chance to come true?

Reading Status: Almost read finished, just didn’t finish the last few chapters but I kind of know the ending

There can be quite a lot of angst at the start but the backstories are gradually revealed and the characters realised the truth. What is left would be them overcoming the difficulties together and finally end up as one. There are some elements of gender-bender in this, about a female disguising as a male general. You could try reading if you like such motifs. 

Adaptations:Not that I know of

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