R&R: Returning Late to the Twilight Clouds by the Small Path (陌上云暮迟迟归)

Returning Late to the Twilight Clouds by the Small Path (陌上云暮迟迟归)

Author: An Yimo (安以陌)

Genres: Modern, Romance, Drama

Number of Chapters: 34 + prologue + epilogue + 1 side story

An Yimo is a paparazzi who is worthy of the name, if she still cannot find out who the mysterious boyfriend of the currently popular female celebrity is, then she can directly get out of the newspaper office. Yimo who was almost driven by the chief editor to jump down the building, instead realises that, the mysterious boyfriend of the popular female celebrity is her first lover who she dumped back then! Should she sell out her ex-boyfriend and release this news, or should she pretend that she doesn’t know and hide far away from him? Unfortunately, Yun Muhan clearly did not plan to let the matter rest. He won’t let the woman who hurt him 6 years ago off. He didn’t want to let her have an easy time. He had already vowed 6 years ago, that he would let her pay the price! However, at her side, there is already a man beside her who is not easy to deal with —— Lu Shaochi! Facing ex-lover aggressiveness, should she say out the secret of their breakup back then? When the truth is exposed step by step, where will their feelings go from here? When the pain buried in the memories is ripped apart, what kind of great changes will again happen? Deception, betrayal, forgoing, awaiting, redemption……Youth is a wound that cannot be told, whereas our first love, is fleeting like the passing of the years……  

*T/n: The title includes part of the two characters’ names. Some people also speculate that the title may have been adapted from the phrase which means something like “the flowers by the small path has bloomed, you can slowly appreciate them, there is no need to hurry back”.

Reading Status: Read the front part of it but I sort of have a good idea of what happened as well as the ending

This is supposed to be a heart-wrenching romance story and I guess the plot is not too easy to guess. You may have read similar plots about a previous breakup that revolves around some secrets. As for the ending, you could probably try reading to find out. 😀

Adaptations: Not that I know of

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