At the End of the Wish Chapter 2 (Part 1)

Chapter 2 (part 1): 10 years later

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Since the day my father was killed, 10 years have passed.

Since that day, it has been nothing but suffering.

According to my father’s last request, we were not subjected to any punishment. However, after my father was beheaded, my mother who immediately collapsed and stayed in bed passed away one month since that day.

The me was still young, was left behind on my own.

Because I was a “traitor’s daughter”, I had no place to go.

Because I was a “decapitated person’s daughter”, I also was not employed.

I moved here and there to various places.

And then, I did anything in order to live.

I carried out theft and I also sold my body.

I scammed people and even assisted men who committed crimes.

If I think that it is necessary for survival, it does not matter whether they are crimes or something else.

There were countless times I thought that it was tough and felt like dying.

But, even so, there was a point to me living.

ーSomeday, I’ll definitely find out the person who framed my father and take revenge.

Just with that wish alone, I have lived till this ten years.

After that, I am fine with whatever becomes of me.

The young girl steeped in resentment turned twenty.

It happened one day.

I returned to the town where I had spent my childhood after a long time.

I came to the front of the tenement house I stayed at in the past.

ーIt still remains.

The tenement house had remained clean.

Second from the left. That was where our house is.

As I  was immersed in my nostalgic memories,

“Excuse me!”, a man called out to me.

“What kind of business do you have?”

I revealed my wariness as I asked.

I have lived in the world of crimes.

It wouldn’t be strange if I’m caught by the people who arrest others.

As I took a stance that so that I could escape at any time, the man laughed.

“You don’t have to be that wary, I’m not a suspicious person. It’s just because you have been staring at that house for the whole time. I was reckoning that you probably have some emotional attachment to that house” 

Perhaps, I was thought of as a suspicious person.

…No, I am indeed a suspicious person.

“Excuse me, I’m someone who lived here in the past. I was feeling nostalgic and simply gazed at it. I’m not a suspicious person, so please don’t worry.”

After the man looked at me blankly for a while, he suddenly broke out in laughter.

“Ahaha! Sorry, I did not think that you were a suspicious person. I see, so you lived here in the past…” The man held his hand against his chin as if he was thinking of something.

While thinking that he was a little peculiar, I left that place.

The next day.
As I was walking in town, a voice called out “Excuse me” from behind.

ー…Continuously from yesterday, I wonder why I was called out like this again.

Right there was a warrior-looking man standing.

That man said, “I’m someone serving at the castle.”

ーSome serving at, the castle….

I was remembering the day my father was killed.

That day too, a messenger from the castle came and we were informed of a devastating matter, where after that my father was killed under false accusations.

My body shook slightly.

“What business may you have?”

However, what was said by the man was once again a shocking matter.

“It looks like the lord fell in love with you at first sight. Won’t you come to the castle immediately?”


I froze in surprise.

“So…the lord, fell in love with you, at first sight…”

“No no, it’s not that I didn’t hear. The lord fell in love with me at first sight? Really?”

“It’s real. It seems like the other day, when the lord went out to the castle town* to explore, he met you by chance and was taken at first sight. He commanded that he wanted to locate you and bring you to the castle. Will you come to the castle?”

*T/n: Town that is around the castle of the feudal lord

‘This is a golden opportunity,’ I thought.

Falling in love with me at first sight and bringing me to the castle likely means that I’m going to be told, “I want you to be my concubine.”

Supposing that I can become a concubine.

I can find out the culprit who framed my father and even assassinate those who did not believe my father in their sleep.

There is certainly the best opportunity more than anything.

Finally, my painful wish of ten years is going to be accomplished.

ーWithout fail, I will take revenge for my father.

I decided that in my heart.

With this and that, I have come to the castle.

It has been ten years after that day that I have come to this castle.

When I walk inside the castle, I was reminded of that dammed incident more vividly.

I was led to the same hall as that day.

And similar to that day, the warriors were lined in rows along the wall.The only thing different was that the place where my father was at that time, I am there.

“The enーtranceーof the lord!”

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